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eucaristiaThe other day I was learning how to use social media, specially the periscope app. It’s amazing; you can actually broadcast whatever you want in real time so other people in other places can actually see what are you doing. For example you want to share an important moment with someone far away, activate the app, and presto they are with you. Other thing is that this app will record your broadcast, so you can share later with others what you just recorded.

It is like the Eucharist, we are participating with Christ, in real time and other people around the world, who are receiving the Eucharist, are also united with us, in real time… REAL TIME! Wow!

The only thing is that in the app you have a recording when you are done for a replay, with Christ in the Eucharist there is never a replay, it is always LIVE and ALIVE!

You see, Christ decide d to stay with us in this great Sacrament. And there are a lot of stories that witnesses how he made Himself visible in the Eucharist. For example, year 700, Lanciano, the city where longinos, the guy who pierced the side of Jesus, who was partially blind and didn’t miss the piercing of the heart, was martyrized. A priest doubted his vocation and the real presence and when he celebrated mass, because he was asked, not because he wanted, and consecrated the bread and the wine, they turn into real flesh and real blood. There is more into it , but we don’t have time for the rest of the story.

Christ is always present in the most Eucharist, he is there waiting for you in real time, not a recording. Can you hear His heart beat? Can you feel His love?

Let’s go and spend some time with the one who is the Greatest love of all… Jesus, the real presence in the Eucharist. He is there in Real time.

Let’s keep praying fro one an other

In the arms of Mary

El padre

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