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Rogue One

Translation : My force be whit you. i’m your Father! Leave the darkness and come to the light. Image by Fano

Hi there!
as ya’ll know i am a Star Wars Fan. Actually everybody thinks that my favorite character is Darth Vader… but in reality is Maser Yoda. Well i was so surprised and amazed when i watched Rogue One, it felt like the first time in 1977 when i watched Star Wars for the first time.

I was excited, surprised… it was an emotional roller coaster that let me longing for the next Star Wars movie.

It is like Advent and Christmas. This season is almost over but we approach the end of the season with great expectations. we are ready to get into the ordinary time, leaving behind the joy of Christmas time.

But my dear friends this is wrong! During advent we prepare our hearts for the coming of Jesus, our King and Savior, to our hearts; during Christmas we received Him and enjoy His presence in our heart. so… let me ask you a question Would you enyjoy your Christmas presents during Christmas time only? Of course no! This is why we need to keep the greatest gift of all and enjoy His presence in our hearts during the ordinary time.

It is Sad when people take Jesus to the storage with the Christmas decor. Put the Decoration away , but keep Christ in you live, tell everyone that Christ still living and that you are living according to His teachings.

He is the only way to the Father, our loving Father. So, my dear friends, think about this and be excited about the gift of Christ. yo don’t know all the good things that He have for you, but if you close your heart you will never be surprised by His gifts.

As you see is kind of like Star Wars, but better… Because i can’t wait to celebrate Jesus every day!

let’s keep praying for one and the other
in the arms of Mary
El padre

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