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If you know me I bet that probably you are thinking about the old SORPRAIS joke… but not today.  A couple of weeks ago Pope Francis exhorted us to allow the Holy spirit surprise us, actually his words “stop there have hearts closed to the surprises of the Holy Spirit”.

We are close to the celebration of Pentecost in our church, and I wonder if we really allow the spirit to  surprise us.  We live in times when our church is strongly attacked not only from the outside, but also from the inside. It is like everybody knows what is the best for the church, except for the Holy Spirit of course!

Just like that, that same Holy spirit that guides the Church, the fire that moves the Church, God in action… I believe, and I know that this something that maybe nobody want to hear, that we need to make a pause in our life to think, to meditate, to reflect on how the action of the Holy spirit move our Church, the Church that Christ founded the same one that he promised the paraclet, the consoler, the strength… the Holy Spirit so he can guide it through the years.

I understand that we live in a world like sheep among wolves and that we have to watch out… but when we are more afraid of the things of this world than we are of God… I think we are in trouble.  When we are believers that would not open their hearts to the surprises of the Holy Spirit, we become human beings that calculate everything, who want to control everything… we wanted to be ready for everything and we forget what is the most important thing… how sin is affecting our live.

Sin separates us from God, not from his love and mercy, but is the barrier we build in order to try not let God into our hearts.  We wanted to be protected from everything, even God and the action of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

We need to allow the Holy Spirit surprises in our heart, we need to let our heart trough the action of the Holy Spirit act with the freedom that only God gives us, we need to look into the kingdom… while we continue living in fear, we will give more power to Satan in our lives.  Let the Holy Spirit surprise us, let Him help us discover our faith, let’s make some noise and think outside the box, and start living God’s will without worrying about lawsuits and other things that would not fit in God’s plan.

Our Church need to have no fear, we can no longer live in darkness and fear, let the Holy Spirit surprise you on all the good thing that you can do for your brothers and sisters, for the good of their soul.  Show the world how through our actions the Holy Spirit can surprise them.

Let’s make some noise

In the arms of Mary

El padre

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